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The 4K Difference: What the Technology Upgrade Means for You

Why You Should Consider Ultra HD in Your Home Theater Installation

The 4K Difference: What the Technology Upgrade Means for You

Sometimes it seems like technology moves too fast for its own good. Consider a few years ago, when 3D technology was poised to take over home entertainment. Despite the fact that digital 3D remains popular in a commercial setting, homeowners just weren’t interested in the technology. So you might be forgiven for thinking that 4K Ultra HD is a similar gimmick. However, the reasons to upgrade are far more compelling than just increased resolution. In this blog, we’ll detail many of the big benefits of the new video display technology, and how it can benefit your Howard County home theater installation.

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High Dynamic Range

A simple way to understand picture resolution is to think of it like a bedsheet. Higher thread count sheets are better quality. Similarly, higher resolution means you can stretch the image farther (that is, through bigger displays) without sacrificing quality. If the thread count is high, you may be able to see the pattern on the sheet more clearly, but you won’t catch any more details unless they’re present in the design. That’s what high dynamic range does.

Also known as HDR, the technology increased the difference between the brightest white and the darkest black that’s visible on screen. The result is an image with many more gradients of color than you usually see. The combination of UHD and HDR makes pictures intensely realistic looking, so much so that it’s almost like looking through a window.

High Frame Rate

One of the biggest concerns of the now-standard 1080p HD is the way that it handled motion. Especially when the camera would move quickly, like in a sports game or action movie, the picture would seem to lose resolution. It made the action frustratingly hard to follow at times.

Many 4K video displays come with a high frame rate feature, literally increasing the number of frames per second (FPS) to match the shooting speed. For instance, football games are currently shot in 60 FPS, flattening out the picture to make it easier to follow the ball. HFR plays back 60 FPS, so you never miss a moment.

Increased Capabilities

Because 4K is capable of so much more than standard HD, it requires increased bandwidth to perform correctly. Upgrade your current HDMI connections with HDMI 2.0 cables. That will allow for beautiful imagery between your video display and all of your components.

HDMI 2.0 is exactly what it sounds like; it doubles the capacity of a standard HDMI cable. At the moment, most HDMI cables can handle just a single 1080p image. HDMI 2.0 can support two 1080p images running simultaneously on the same display.

Are you ready to enhance your home theater installation with the big benefits of 4K Ultra HD? Contact us today!