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How Do You Control Your Smart Home Automation System?

Easily Take Command of Your Connected Technology

How Do You Control Your Smart Home Automation System?

When some Harford County residents hear the term “smart technology,” they conjure up visions of vast computer walls and electronics you need a doctorate to understand. But the truth is, smart home automation is about making your lifestyle easier, not harder. Every component in your property should be so easy to control that everyone from grandma to junior should be able to take advantage of it. In this blog, we’ll show you how easy it is to take control of your smart home. Read on for more.

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Network Connections

Before you can start taking command of your integrated technology, you’ll have to decide on how you want to connect it. Essentially, there are two ways to install a network in your home: hardwired and wireless. While both have their advantages, a hardwired network will prove to be more robust and reliable in the long run.

The reason is that, while wireless technology has advanced considerably over the past few years, a direct connection between components remains consistently strong through walls, up the stairs and out in the yard. While some homeowners hesitate when they think of the amount of work involved in installing the wires, they quickly come around when they learn that, once installed, they require far less maintenance and rarely need to be repaired.

Of course, there are times when a wireless network is essential. If you want to use your tablet or smartphone to control your system, we can easily install a blended network – hardwired for your components, wireless for your control devices.

How to Control a Smart Home

Once the network is in place, it’s time to start enjoying your smart home’s features. Here are the ways to control it:

Dedicated Control Panels – Whether you prefer hard buttons or touch-screens, we can install dedicated, wall-mounted control panels in each room. Simply walk in and adjust the settings with the device by the door. Lower the temperature, raise the lights and turn on the TV with one button.

Smartphone or Tablet – While there are big benefits to having dedicated panels, many homeowners prefer to use their smartphone or tablet. That’s why manufacturers like Crestron have developed dedicated apps that you can install on your device that perfectly mimic the interface on a control panel. You don’t have to re-learn how to use the system to operate a different control device.

Voice Control – An even easier way to control your smart home is with voice commands. An increasingly popular option, vocal control makes using your smart home a completely hands-free affair. And thanks to collaborations with world-wide search engines like Google, the system can recognize what you’re saying regardless of pronunciation or accent.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of a smart home automation system in your property? Contact us today!