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How Commercial Automation Enhances Your Retail Space

Enhance the Customer Experience with Smart Solutions

How Commercial Automation Enhances Your Retail Space

If you run a shop in Baltimore County, then you know how important it is to make the customers’ experience effortless. You hire a staff that will provide the best service, you arrange your inventory for easiest access, and you do everything you can to make shopping simple. With a commercial automation system, you can easily customize the environment even further and make yours the one-stop shop for locals. In this blog, we’ll show you how smart solutions can enhance your retail space.

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HD Intercom

A key aspect of any business is communication. Staying connected with your staff makes for an easier time all around. One of the best ways to quickly and effectively communicate between team members is with an HD intercom.

When a customer walks in, it’s not uncommon for staff members to be busy elsewhere in the store. Perhaps they are straightening up isles, stocking products or helping other clients. When this occurs, they simply need to access the intercom system and alert other employees to the situation. Then, an unoccupied worker, who previously would have remained unaware of the incoming guest, can help their teammate.   

Lighting Control

Automated lighting provides big benefits for any business. According to Lutron, you can save up to 60 percent on your energy costs alone. You can also use it to help highlight different areas of your store, drawing attention to the biggest sales and the most attractive products.

Smart lighting is a fully-customizable solution that allows you to raise and dim lights throughout the space according to pre-determined zones. If you want to draw attention to particular spaces – say a new model of electronics equipment or latest fashion line – you can just access the arrangement on your tablet or smartphone and adjust the brightness of the fixtures.

Moreover, you can integrate motion and occupancy sensors in your backroom, so employees don’t need to remember to shut off the lights when they’re done with the area, which can translate to huge savings.

Smart Entry Systems

Some shops are more exclusive than others. When you don’t depend on foot traffic to get you through the day, a smart entry system can help keep your business secure and private.

When a client arrives for their appointment, you can quickly check out who they are via an integrated video component. Allow them to verbally confirm their presence, and then unlock the door from a dedicated remote control. Once they enter, you can quickly ensure the locks are secure so you won’t be disturbed.

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