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Get the Most out of Your Commercial Media Distribution System

Howard County Business Owners Deserve Full 4K UHD

Get the Most out of Your Commercial Media Distribution System

If you’re a business owner in Howard County, you probably know how important it is to grab clients’ attention. Whether you want to wow them with digital menus in your restaurant or conduct effective meetings in your office, 4K UHD video solutions can help. But are you getting the very best quality picture on your commercial media distribution system? In this blog, we’ll show you why some businesses aren’t getting what they pay for – and how you can ensure you do. Read on for more.

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The Most Common Problem With 4K

For many, the idea of crystal clear 4K UHD is exciting. Sharp displays, easily visible signage and the ability to transform the look of your business with the touch of a button. But a common problem that many businesses face when upgrading their system is cables that lack appropriate bandwidth. That means the signal can have trouble moving between the source and the display, leaving you with less than stellar results.

Bandwidth is sort of like a highway. A highway may have four lanes for traffic, and if all the traffic stays in its lane, everything can run smoothly. But if you introduce twice as much traffic, which requires twice as many lanes, you’ll slow things down or bring them to a complete halt. Therefore, you want a highway that can accommodate the massive amounts of traffic.

That means replacing many of your cables. For small spaces, like a boardroom or training room, the answer may be replacing standard HDMI cables with HDMI 2.0. However, in larger spaces, like entire stores or restaurants, you may benefit from upgrading with fiber optic cabling. In most cases, the solution can be uniquely tailored to your specific needs.

Other Factors

Once the appropriate cables are in place, you’ll also need to make sure every component in your chain is capable of sending and receiving a 4K UHD signal. That includes any media players and receivers that come between your source and display. To extend the highway metaphor, these components are like toll booths. If they run efficiently, traffic won’t slow down.

The final factor is ensuring the initial signal you’re using is actually presented in full 4K UHD. If you’re playing a file stored an onsite server or computer, you’ll probably know whether or not it’s in 4K. However, if you’re streaming something from an online service, however, you’ll want to check your settings to confirm you’re getting the most out of it.

Do you still have questions about commercial media distribution? Contact Elite Home Entertainment today for more information.