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Get the Most Out of Commercial Automation With These Distributed Audio Solutions

Your Retail Space Can Sound Better and Draw in More Customers

Get the Most Out of Commercial Automation With These Distributed Audio Solutions

Drawing in customers is essential for any retail business. Creating interest for shoppers is about more than just having the newest items, or flashiest merchandise. You have to craft an environment that your customers will actually want to spend time in. After all, the more time they spend in your Lutherville, Maryland shop, the more likely they are to spend money with you. A perfect way to attract attention is with commercial automation throughout your space. Not only will you be able to hold the attention of your clients, but you’ll also be able to streamline operations among your staff. Read on to learn more.


Stream Music to Grab Attention

It’s a fact: the right music can affect people’s behavior. Making purchases can oftentimes be a major decision for a customer, so why not encourage them with the right soundtrack? The easiest way to do this is with an automated audio distribution system.

Not only will you be able to select a playlist from your computer or tablet, whether streamed from Spotify, Pandora or your private collection, but thanks to zonal distribution, you’ll actually be able to select different playlists for each area of the store.

And from an aesthetic perspective, you don’t have to worry about bulky equipment dominating your store’s carefully crafted design. Unobtrusive speakers can be placed high on shelves, mounted toward the ceiling or even installed within the walls for complete invisibility.

Utilize Smart Intercoms for Streamlined Service

Communication with your staff and customers is a major part of closing a sale. So why not take advantage of the devices your staff already has in order to streamline communications between them. An intercom system is a staple of retail spaces, but what if you could take command of your system with your smartphone?

When you connect your smart intercom with your commercial automation system, you can use an app on your smartphone to control everything. Make overhead announcements from anywhere in the store with your smartphone, or communicate directly with the staff in the back room by selecting which zone you want to reach. Plus, you can easily command the rest of your system with the same device by taking advantage of a single, streamlined interface.

Keep Your Spaces Exclusive

Not every small boutique is looking to drive foot traffic into their shop. If you run an exclusive, appointment-only showroom, a smart intercom can help you stay exclusive and give your customers specialized attention.

By tying your AV system in with a smart entry system you can see and speak to anyone who approaches your door. After they confirm their name and appointment, you can take advantage of smart locks to unlock the door with a single touch on your smartphone or tablet. That way, you never have to worry about walk-ins or unwelcome guests.

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