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Enjoy Epic Entertainment in Any Space With a Custom Home Theater Installation

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Enjoy Epic Entertainment in Any Space With a Custom Home Theater Installation

When you’re thinking of investing in a home theater installation, you may picture big screens and all-encompassing surround sound. However, many homeowners are hung up on the idea that they need a dark, windowless room to enjoy their favorite flicks in the right conditions. In fact, you can enjoy total home entertainment in almost any space, with satisfying visuals and epic audio. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the ways you can integrate home theater technology anywhere in your home.

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In the Basement

The most obvious place for a home theater may be the basement. With thick walls and minimal light, an unused basement provides just about the perfect viewing conditions. Typically, the concrete walls and ceiling only need minimal adjustment to enjoy immersive surround sound like Dolby Atmos because the audio format uses a room’s natural sound reflections to create fuller sound.

In the Attic

Another popular location for home theaters tends to be an attic or unused third floor. If your space is big enough for you to fit a TV and sit comfortably, you can probably also enjoy the full home theater experience. Integrating a short-throw projector, one that’s designed to sit close to the screen, will minimize the amount of space you need.

Additionally, you can install a full immersive audio system for the same auditory experience as you would get in a commercial theater. Dolby Atmos only requires a 5.2.1 configuration for optimal sound. That’s five speakers surrounding you, two overhead and one subwoofer for total enjoyment.

And as for any ambient light filtering in through upper-floor windows, you can install motorized blackout shades for pitch darkness. Tie the shade controls in with your other AV devices, so you can have one-touch command over all functionality.

In the Yard

While indoor home theaters are perfect for the winter months, it’s never too early to start planning your summer activities. With that in mind, consider the fun to be had with an outdoor entertainment system. And though the obvious threat of ambient light may seem like a challenge, there are plenty solution for transforming your outdoor space into the ultimate movie theater.

You could invest in a high contrast screen. These are usually dark gray or black, and block all light not directly in front of it. That means you’ll see your movie but not the moonlight on the screen. They’re very reliable in any condition besides direct sunlight.

If you’re interested in watching movies in any area of your property, you may want to invest in a home theater installation. Contact Elite Home Entertainment for more information!