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3 Ways Smart Home Automation Helps You Get Through the Day

Integrated Technology Simplifies Your Lifestyle

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Helps You Get Through the Day

Smart home automation is all about luxury, and in the 21st century, luxury is all about simplicity. Integrated technology is capable of simplifying your lifestyle from the moment you wake up until the second you go to sleep at night. In this blog, we’ll show you how the smart devices in your Baltimore County, Maryland residence can work together to ensure you’re happier and at ease throughout the day.

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Waking up With Style

What’s the worst part of waking up in the morning? For many, it’s the annoying bleat of the alarm clock. But imagine your home was capable of waking you up gently, for a more peaceful morning. With integrated technology, your house works to make your morning more comfortable.

When it’s time to rise, your system springs into action: first, music begins to filter through in-wall speakers via your whole home audio system. The blackout shades start to rise, leaving the sunshades in place for a comfortable level of natural light in the room. The recessed lighting in the bathroom comes on at about 30 percent, so you can begin to get ready.

Leaving the House With Confidence

As you make your way to the kitchen for breakfast, the music will follow you through your spaces. When you arrive, the lights will already be on and the shades will draw. Plus, the temperature in the room will be at a comfortable level, thanks to your integrated thermostat. You can enjoy the first meal of the day without any trouble.

After you’re done eating, gather the kids in the foyer with a single announcement with your HD intercom. Once they’re ready, head out the door and make sure everything is locked behind you by engaging integrated smart entryways. With a single touch on your smartphone or tablet, you can lock down your house, close the shades and adjust the thermostat to avoid wasting energy while you’re away.

Return Home With Ease

When you’re away from home, you never have to lose touch thanks to push notifications from your surveillance cameras. When motion sensors detect movement in pre-set zones, you immediately receive an alert on your smartphone or tablet. If the kids arrive home early from school or the housekeeper needs to get in, you’ll know instantly.

On your evening commute, your property begins to prepare for your arrival. Thanks to geofencing technology, your system knows when you’re close to the house and can set up for your return. The thermostat can lower, the walkway lights can turn on and music begins to play. When you arrive, your home is already set for a relaxing night.

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